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Welcome to BestMedia Club!

Make yourself at home and enjoy. Here’s what you’ll find:

The Best Media, Royalty Free Music for your use. Our users download music and use it when creating films and on-the-fly videos with their phones. They use sound effects in combination with different music to add emotions, feelings and whatever else they are attempting to create, into their videos.

Our Royalty Free Music Library is constantly growing. Our international artists and composers have been selected individually to ensure our Library has an extensive range of media for video creators and filmmakers. If you would like to join The Club, as an artist, select the “Become an Artist” link.

Additional BestMedia tools available are, a FREE version and a Full Featured Mobile Video Editing App, initially for iOS devices and soon to follow, Android devices. These apps will give you a taste of how simple and easy it is to add emotions into your videos.

Our Mission is to give everyone a simple app to be able to create “live, emotional” videos. We do this by Integrating our app into our Music Library. And we do this inexpensively.

No computers nor professional editing software needed.