Indie Rock

Indie rock is stylish positive commercial music. This is a energetic, affirmative and uplifting indie rock track, with a minor, and a bit nervous and tense chorus. In the track used instruments: bright clean, crunch, fuzz and Overdrive electric guitar, delay, electric guitar, and a pulsating direct clean bass, great stylish indie rhythmic piano, vintage drums, multiple percussion: claps, stomps, shakers and tambourine, they make the track very moving, rhythmic and upbeat, despite the restrained tempo. Thanks to the use of these instruments, this music sounds very clean, but has a dense and vibrant indie sound

Track mastered like a stylish pop track, so is ideal for advertising, corporate and business use, presentations, commercial TV, radio, YouTube and other sites. Genres: pop, pop rock, indie, indie rock. When I wrote this track, I focused on the best indie bands such as Arctic Monkeys, The White Stripes, The Automatic, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, Foals, Mother mother, Coldplay and Snow Patrol

For ease of use in advertising included 3 versions:
Indie rock FULL – 2:21 (0:00 preview)
Indie rock 1 minute 1:00 (2:21 preview)
Indie rock 30 seconds – 0:30 (3:32 preview)

I am sure that this stylish music is perfect for many projects: Dance energy projects, advertising and different publications, Corporate Use, Commercial use, Mobile Phone App, Commercial, TV or Radio Energetic Advert, Enjoyable and Fun projects, upbeat, positive and optimistic video, Video Game Soundtrack, Videohive Preview, Summer Video, Viral Marketing Campaign, Business and Corporate Promotional Presentation, Home Video, Youtube Video Theme Tune, Background Music, fashion Show, Web and more